Africa at Risk of Being Colonised Again!

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The recent developments in Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso have far more serious geo-political ramifications than it appears. An Africa that has a new emerging anti neo-colonial and militant youth has come to the fore posing a major threat to the many Western nations who have looted the continent for decades.

Is'nt it ironic that at the exact point that West Africa begins its withdrawal from French control, the internet cables serving the same area, are blown up or/and damaged, leaving much of the continent off line for days?

In a world of inter-trade and globalisation, this presented the continent with a new reality; that of a change in the tactics of its former colonial masters who have been enjoying free reign when it came to grabbing African resources from the soil. No longer can they perform coup de tat's willy nilly in the modern day world of multi-lateralism therefore it is no surprise that Africa is beginning to witness a different strategy in the efforts to destabilise it. Yet this is no surprise to Koolooma.Com as we raised this issue two years ago that the relationship between Africa and the West would deteriorate significantly not just through the emergence of BRICS as a new power block BUT through the rise of a new young and uncaptured youth who are sick and tired of their countries being "junior partners" with ravenous and greedy western powers whose sole aim is to create instability in their former colonies. This is their key strategy where they fund opposition in these countries necessitating a military response from the puppet leaders they have installed in order to create an artifical demand for arms and ammunition to "counter" the resistance which is also funded by their supposed partner, the former colonial rulers.

Yet continental internet access could have been safeguarded through various means if Africa took the threats from the West seriously. Constant warnings that they would "hit South Africa" back for its pro-active participation in BRICS were ignored and the naive response from these puppet African leaders was misplaced trust and confidence in the very colonial countries who stood to lose if ever the continent awoke from its deep slumber. The poverty the world saw as a result of these "leaders" selling out their own countries placed Africa at the top of the list as being both the poorest and richest continent on earth. Its people are subjected to the most grinding poverty imaginable whilst walking on dusty potholed roads built on the very ground that conceals billions worth of natural resources underneath their feet. Their puppet regimes turn to autocracy at breakneck speed to counter the "rebellions" which are caused by their former colonial masters in order to create this false demand for arms which these countries could not afford. This is when the West play its masterstroke to ensure what they call the "sovereignty" of the country they are siphoning off, they agree or insist that they will receive payment in mineral resources which were priced not at market value but at rock bottom prices, for services to the state to solve their "insurgency problem" which the colonial states are responsbile for. It's a dark merry go round because should the puppet rulers ever get too big for their boots, the colonial master has already got signed undertakings from the rebels for continued access to the riches of the same land. No wonder Emmanuel Macron has been prancing around the African continent like a peacock on heat; France has both the legal governments of these supposedly independent countries as well as "their" rebels under firm control. The power is really still firmly in the hands of the former oppressor. No wonder Colonel Ebrahim Traore and his military counterparts, overthrew their puppet regimes AND formed a union of co-operation to assist each other. They know that France will strike back. It is predictable. They also aligned with Russia which promptly sent the Wagner Group to these countries, leaving France in shock and out-manouvred.

Nobody seemed to notice that as the "rebels" gained ground through the assistance of Western mercenary groups funded by the same former colonials, so did the military "assistance" from the same sources increase. Logic dictates that those who prosper at your expence are not neccesarily the ones who want to see you increase stability in your country. This would make it an attractive option for other competing powers to trade in and possibly bring you better returns than the low prices the country was receiving from its "partner."

Yet African "leaders" persist with this cat and mouse game where the same country that is their "partner" is also sponsoring the rebels fighting them. Whilst these countries armies are also receiving military asistance from the same saboteurs who are destabilising their country and also train their rebels. It is a conundrum that still plagues many of these colonial controlled puppet regimes on the continent today.