Terms of Use

1- Terms Of Use

Koolooma innovates by building platforms that make it possible for people globally to connect, share their stories, identify business opportunities via networking and maximize them. These platforms are our social media site by the same name, the Koolooma Messenger, Mahala-Ads.co.za and our online retail multi-vendor platform, Xpress Mart. The service has a FREE entry level in addition to 4 Pro versions with varying access options, built to give the user more control and accessibility. Businesses and organisations pay us to show you ads for their products and services. By making use of our products, you agree that we can show you the ads we deem relevant to you and your particular interests. We are guided by your personal data in this regard. Koolooma does not sell your data to advertisers. We also do not share any direct personal information but rather focus on using your psychographics as indicator of what ads, products or services will most likely be of interest to you. For more information regarding this issue , kindly refer to our Data Policy which states how we collect and use your personal data in guiding us towards which ads you see. Ultimately you can also go to your settings to review the privacy choices you on how we use your data.