The Fruitless Partnerships African Governments Enter into with their Former Colonial Powers & the Implications they

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Koolooma.Com's in house Reporter looks at the one-sided partnerships between today's rulers and their former colonisers and how they have impacted on development in Africa.

For decades now the independent countries of Africa have maintained cordial relations with their former colonisers, with some even being described as "frutiful" partnerships. It appeared quite strange at the beginning given the bloody nature of colonial rule on the continent where thousands were killed and many imprisoned by those colonial powers who were in charge. One only has to think of the holocaust in Namibia and Congo where the German rulers of the time and King Leopold of Belgium oversaw genocide over the local populations as they stripped these territories bare of their mineral resources.

These colonial powers had an almost like God-like control over the Africans whom they ruled over with an iron fist. No dissent was tolerated and amputations and maimings of those who dared to raise their disatisfaction at foreign rule were common place. That is why it was completely unexpected that such former foes would be able to agree on anything, let alone on business. But somehow this happened as countries like France grudgingly agreed on independence to all its territories but on conditions favourable to themselves and very seldom to the locals. France's domination simply continued under a new label as these countries had to agree to the use of a special French controlled currency. Their former subjects also had to allow a contingent of French soldiers in their territories whilst the locals had to bank 85% of their money in France. This money which could have altered the history of development in these countries was only accessible through France which could do with it as they pleased. The owners  of this cash being the newly independent named Francophone countries, had to run their countries on a mere 15% whilst they sat helplessly and watched France make billions out of their deposits. 

Whenever the local populations raised their unhappiness at this arrangement, the French military in their land would make sure such voices were stilled for good, be it via assassination, poisening or just blatant murder. These soldiers who were said to be protecting the interest of France acted with impunity and hardly ever were brought before the courts of these supposedly "independent" territories. France never hestitated for them to even overthrow democratically elected leaders and instilling puppets in their place. If they ever dared to withold paying the colonial tax France levied on them, all hell almost always broke loose and chaos ensued until French order was restored. Annually unto this day, over 500 billion dollars enters French coffers from these