Moving Your SMME to the JSE - "You Were Not Supposed to be Here!"

"A Motivational Speech to Small. Micro & Medium Enterprises by Author Kenni Gambo in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Kenni Gambo, author and motivational speaker, told the gathering that, given South
Africa’s history and where we had come from as a people, “you are not supposed to be here.
If you know anything about our history and did not fall from Mars or Jupiter in the last 10
years, then you would know that all of us in this room are not supposed to be here. You
would know that the problems we encountered in this country prohibited 90% of us in this
room from being here,” he said.

But South Africa, he added, had a knack for snatching victory from the jaws of certain
defeat. “On a social level, if I were to go to your location and to your address there would be some people there who would be amazed to see you here. They said you would never make it. But guess where you are now – at the SMME Roadshow, which is being live-streamed worldwide,” said Gambo.

Regarding his theme (“Moving your SMME to the JSE”), Gambo said that this was entirely
possible. “There is no A-Z, and there are no easy steps, but there are some simple things
that you’ve got to do right repeatedly, consistently, assiduously and repetitiously until you
get this thing to work for you.

“Everyone of us sitting here, as soon as you pop your head into this world, there is a
certain set of circumstances and challenges that are arrayed against you from the get-go
– as soon as you pop into the world there is somebody, somewhere who feels it is his duty
to stop your march to this SMME conference. When I was born my mother was told I had
yellow jaundice and I was put into a neon-lit room for 21 days and, though I may have been
lucky to have been born on my birthday, I missed my first home Christmas,” he remarked.
He said no-one had “a smooth sail” in life, “but we are now in a country where opportunity
has presented itself and one thing I have decided to do is to almost forget and place the past
where it belongs – there were enough years spent by people trying to hold me back, not
only in South Africa but all over the world. Everybody had something against somebody,”
said Gambo.

Kenni Gambo is an author and business speaker from South Africa. The CEO of Xpress Mart and, he is a popular and dynamic conference speaker with expeirnce in media, retail and advertising industries.  

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