Building Your Own Vehicle to Wealth Now With ONE Dollar!

Identifying and Capitalising on the Right Opportunity to Increase Your Net Worth

Yesterday I met a Pioneer, not a world famous one YET but one whose thinking left me impressed to no end. I think it’s safe to say I met a giant in waiting and a success waiting to happen. Let's call him Mr. B.

He sent me a picture of a share certificate sample I posted on which showed how I am selling part ownership of the new social website we are launching next week. The offer was simple, and it was for seed money to make sure the platform becomes known throughout the inhabited world. Mr. said I will take 100 shares at USD1 each. He said, "I know that this platform will more than double its value by next year and grow even more thereafter." I was impressed as he gave me figures on social website growths, particularly those with niche and focused target markets. I was inspired because I posted the notification on my FB wall and out of the 4650 people who are members of that particular wall and come browsing for all sorts of things on it, he was one of 5 who decided to be serious about building wealth. Moreover, my record in business starting from my teen days when I built an entertainment brand called Blast 2000 later to be known as The Kenny Gamble brand, had not escaped his attention. He was there when I started with nothing and saw me grow culminating in me dominating my target market and building value and money. So the lesson which jumped out here was my track record. People watch you and they get to believe in you if you are consistent, honest and determined. No doubt his USD100 will grow and his piece of the company will as well.

Then a Mr. V, we shall call him, sent this message, "WOW Congratulations it's looking grand. I knew it was going to become something eventually I am very amazed and I wish now that I was on board too. I am happy for your bro things are happening right now for you that's great. So how can I buy shares?

This is a gentleman who was supposed to start the network with me but he pulled out just before I went ahead. Now he has to buy shares he could and should have owned. This is the biggest mistake we make. We are hasty and cynical when one we know pitches a brilliant idea to us but surrender our life savings when a stranger with a glib tongue rolls into town. Mr. V will be sold the 100 shares at USD1 that he wants and Koolooma will become a household name very soon. He too knows my track record and has so much confidence in the product he is already sending it to everyone in his wide and global friends circle.

This money which we aim to raise is to position the brand in its right space, create awareness and market it to the selected target audience as well as to get the right personnel on board like the young brilliant programmer who came to see me yesterday, eager to lend his skills to the project. After studying medicine for two years he switched his attention to coding and programming as he saw it as the way of the future. I intend to recruit him to bring life to the many ideas of websites and online applications I have in my head. I shared a few with him under the protection of a Non-Disclosure Agreement he had to sign before we started our meeting and he was ready to go to war bare-handed against a Russian bear after he heard my pitch and vision. Such was his excitement at what he called "the most brilliant ideas of apps I have heard." His words not mine.  

Opportunity often comes dressed as problems. In chaos and calamity, somehow opportunity always forces her head to the top. Other social networks have taken to selling your data, sharing it with the FBI, banning your views, flagging your content and all sorts of behaviors which border on unethical but at, we endeavor to stick to our core business which is connecting people. Our data nor our values and principles are NOT for sale. 

So perhaps you too have read the offer to own a piece of the action. But you have not made the move to get on board, waiting to see where it goes first. Nothing new in that but once its trajectory becomes an upward one, you could easily have to pay 5 times the amount for half the allotted shares as its value would have increased. So you have to use the good judgement you have been blessed with to make the decision at the get go. I recall buying M-Net shares when they came out. I invested R20 000 in them and most of my peers thought I was crazy as subscription TV was new to SA then, but I looked at what the sector had done overseas in similar markets and felt confident that with a growing middle class, pending political change which would empower many who were on the periphery, the sector would grow. Those shares are worth 10 times more today as MTN grew into Multi-Choice. 

So Koolooma offers that same opportunity today I believe. Naturally not all will be bold and brave enough but the same will spend money on slimy and greasy fast foods that will shorten their lives much easier. It is how life is. Tomorrow also needs complainers and moaners. But those like Mr. B and Mr. V, they will cash in on the expected growth, no matter how improbable growth looks. After all, USD1 a share is not risking the family jewels. But they have seen a vehicle that can grow and grow and grow. That is the kind of visionary we need to be part of

I believe in openness and honesty and I use these as guiding principles in whatever I do. Transparency is of the utmost and on this I do NOT compromise. I also believe in the ideas and brilliance of others to add value, not only by means of money, but by their skills. Hence I am open to bringing a marketer I have the utmost respect for, from a neighboring country to steer the marketing ship, despite the fact I myself am a marketing graduate from Damelin Graduate Business School. Koolooma can only benefit if it values the input of everyone.

I have also decided to award shares/part ownership to 3 ladies who had the utmost faith in me. Let’s call them C, M and T. They are South African, Zimbabwean and Ethiopian. They deserve the shares I am giving them and believed in me even through difficult days when it was easy to assume stuff. They don't know that I am doing this, but it is in my DNA to do right. I consulted with a trusted friend who concurred that it would be a wonderful thing to do. So it is a fait accompli. The paperwork will soon be in their hands.

There are no shortcuts to building an empire. You have to be fastidious, determined and innovative. And when the opportunity arises you have to take it with both hands. You CAN also choose to do nothing about it and surrender to doubt, cynicism and fear, but then you should not be surprised when those who have "tilled the soil and toiled", end up being your superiors.

Naturally I wish you could ALL join in and let us make money whilst we OWN part of something. Right now we are making Zuckerberg even richer by spending our time on a network we own no part of. Our content draws people to HIS network, as OUR networks keep his site busy. These are the figures he uses to attract advertising globally. E.g., did you know that..."Facebook made more than $40 billion in revenue in 2017, approximately 89 percent of which came from digital advertisements. The company announced second-quarter earnings on July 25, 2018, reporting $13.2 billion in revenue." 

Do you know what makes it possible for them to do this? They draw advertising revenue from the 195 countries of the world, earning more per quarter than some countries to per year. Why?

Because you and I bring numbers to their game and add content to their site. How much do WE get for our efforts? ..Nil..nada, jack, nothing. Instead we are banned, sin-binned and our data sold to strangers. What are we going to do about it?...Some will sit back and do nothing but keep complaining. But me, I know that it took a small shepherd boy called David to slay a giant Goliath. Metaphorically speaking, it translates to the fact that a small start-up CAN make its presence felt if the people who keep the giant in power, wake up and decide we should OWN part of FB since WE are the ones who author and share stuff which draws the numbers upon which THEY make money.

Koolooma is open for the taking. We are selling off 25% of it, one million shares at USD1 each. You need to get a minimum of 100 shares. and we are on our way. Imagine those who purchase those one million shares, bring their accounts and profiles over to Koolooma, drawing their friends and networks, immediately Google Ads would want to talk advert placing globally in the different countries because the numbers and activity will reflect positively! ..Then imagine income from the many different sources. And then finally imagine that YOU, despite years of building FB and not getting a cent for it, would now be a part owner of the most exciting members owned social network on planet earth. You may retire in a few years!   

Next month we aim to move into a prestigious business club where pioneers like Cecil John Rhodes and Harry Oppenheimer were members. If we aim to become giants, we ought to walk in their footsteps literally if possible. It is an exclusive hub where even Madiba adorns the hallowed walls. Membership is sought after but through my work on the corporate sector, we were fortunate to be offered this once in a life-time opportunity.  

So to all pioneers and champions, this is an offer that not only makes sense, it is the right one. Don’t wait till we go public. You will not be able to afford it then as shares will NOT be USD1 dollar by then.

The choice is yours. Stay poor and negative, complaining daily and having to work your knuckles bare OR take a step and Get Rich!......It is in YOUR hands.....    

Contact Koolooma.Com on or call +27 74 257 4518 for more information.